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Storage Unit Space Optimisation Tips

Updated: Jul 15

Regardless of whether you’re renting a small, medium, or large container storage unit, and whether you’re storing on our 24-hour monitored lot or have a container on your property, there are many ways that you can maximise the efficiency and organisation of your storage space and get the most for your money. Here are some of our top tips for successful self storage.

A forklift loading crates into a storage container
Affordable storage doesn't have to compromise on space optimisation

Utilise Vertical Space

Maximise your storage space by thinking vertical. Take a good look at the items you have to store and think about how best to stack them in your storage container to make the most of the space. Larger, heavier, more durable items will do well at the bottom, while smaller, lighter, more fragile items should go on top.

Think Accessibility

If you’re not planning to access your storage unit regularly, then maybe this doesn’t matter quite so much, but it’s still a good idea to think about how to arrange the items in your storage container to make it easy to get in and out.

For example, you could leave an aisle down the middle, or put the items you’re likely to access most often towards the front and near the door.

Label Everything

If you’re storing your items in opaque boxes, like cardboard packing boxes, it’s always a good idea to label the contents so you can easily find what you’re looking for later on. It doesn’t need to be fancy—just a permanent marker will do the job fine!

Alternatively, you could use clear plastic bins so you can easily see what’s inside. This is also an environmentally friendly option, ultimately cutting down on cardboard in favour of reusable storage options with a little more durability to withstand being stacked on top of one another for long periods of time.

A man writes labels on packing boxes using a permanent marker
Labelling boxes' contents with a permanent marker will save you time later

Protect Fragile Items

Everyone’s got some spare bubble wrap, cardboard, packing boxes, or polystyrene lying around, so make use of them and wrap up fragile or easily-broken items to keep them safe and protected. You might also consider making sure such items aren’t at risk of being trapped beneath anything else, especially heavier items, or are kept safe in rigid storage boxes or bins.


Sometimes you just have to think to yourself—do I really need this? And if the answer’s no, then maybe you could save on space by getting rid of some of the clutter. This will also make your storage unit more accessible by virtue of removing the things you don’t need so it’s much easier to find the things you do.

Climate Control and Security Measures

So long as you’re storing in a shipping container from Storage 24/7, either on our lot or your property, you don’t have to worry one bit about whether or not your stuff is kept safe and dry both for long-term storage and short-term storage.

Our high-quality storage units are made out of COR-TEN steel, which is stronger than regular steel, and fitted with anti-tamper locks in a special lockbox for extra padlock protection, making it almost impossible to break in by force.

Furthermore, our on-site lot not only has 24-hour access but also 24-hour CCTV monitoring and nighttime flood lighting for your convenience and safety—and your stuff’s safety, of course!


If you’ve been thinking about renting a storage unit but aren’t sure how to go about storing your items, then hopefully this article was helpful to you! Feel free to check out our website or get in touch with us to check out our storage unit prices or find out more about our easy storage options.

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